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A Renewal Thatched Property Case


As a provider for Thatched Properties insurance cover within the GB market we pride ourselves for non-standard risks and where we can we always ensure to assist our brokers place their clients’ properties as best we can.

Most recently we have been able to cover some very difficult to place in particular Thatched Properties. See a recent case below.

Case 1

We were contacted by a broker who specialises in placing thatch risks, as one of his client’s renewal premium had increased significantly, so they were actively looking for alternatives. As the risk met all our required thatch inspection, electrical inspection and fire precaution requirements, and no solid fuel was being used at the property, we were able to agree a premium that was in line with what the customer had paid the previous year. This allowed the broker to retain the customer and the customer was pleased their broker had managed to achieve this outcome for them.

As an MGA we are very passionate about working in partnership with our brokers to ensure they are able to accommodate their clients’ requests. Should you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact our team on the below by phone on 0800 0113 777 or by emailing