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A safe guide to minimise risk in the home this Christmas


The build up to Christmas 2020 is very different than previous years however the same risks and hazards apply in our homes.

Christmas is a time when we use more and more lights, adding to the need for additional plugs and extension leads. And candle lovers will have a sea of festive scents filling their home. Each of these things can be extremely dangerous if not managed or controlled in the correct manner.

It is essential that homeowners are aware of the additional hazards that Christmas can bring.
We would recommend you remind your clients of the simple checks they can introduce this festive period to ensure their home is as safe as possible.

Here is our safe home guide for Christmas

Inspect Christmas decoration leads and plugs

This may seem common sense, but it is very important to do a check on all leads, cords and plugs before using them. Anything with a frayed end should be fitted correctly or replaced.

Do not overload sockets

Never overload electrical sockets as this is extremely dangerous and can be a very common hazard in the home particularly at Christmas when there is an array of decorations and electrical ornaments used.

Minimise the use of extension leads

If you need to use an extension lead make sure there are no trip hazards, and the sockets are not overkilled.

Never leave candles unattended

Festive candles can produce some beautiful scents however it can be easy to light candles and leave the room, forgetting to blow them out which can be easily done at Christmas as houses may be more lively than normal. It may be worth considering introducing battery operated candles this Christmas.

Real Christmas trees

Many people opt for the real Christmas tree when transforming their home into a Christmas Wonderland. However, it is important to remember real trees can in fact catch fire a lot quicker than artificial trees. Be mindful of this when decorating it with Christmas lights and never have them exposed to a lit fire. Also, real trees need to be watered daily to avoid drying out. When watering your tree be extremely careful to avoid any water getting in contact with electric items or plugs.

Never leave cooking unattended

Christmas is a time when foodie fans get extra busy in the kitchen but it is important to always remain in the kitchen when cooking and never leave pots, pans, etc unattended, especially with young kids running free.

Turn off lights, plugs and sockets

When leaving the home or going to bed make sure to turn everything off. The easiest way to do this is getting into the habit of it from first putting up your decorations and following this routine. Furthermore, Christmas can be a time when more electrical items and gadgets are purchased for presents. It is important when charging such items, they are turned off when finished with.

Lock doors and close curtains / blinds

Ensure you home is secured, not only when you are leaving but also when you go to bed. Ensuring doors are locked and curtains / blinds are closed are simple ways to deter thieves. If you have Christmas gifts stored in the home, make sure they are safely stored away.

Be selective what you share on social media

The nation has become so reliant on social media and everyone scrambles for the picture-perfect Instagram images not forgetting the very popular live stories on social media platforms. They can show real-time what you are up to and even your whereabouts, so it is important to be careful when posting and sharing content on your social channels.

Be cautious with outdoor decorations

The majority of homes have a twinkle of outdoor decorations, while other homes go full on with their Christmas gardens however it is vital that all safety measures are considered and like indoors - all leads, cords and plugs are checked before using them. Outdoor sockets shouldn’t be overused and if you use extension leads make sure there are no trip hazards.

Stay safe this Christmas from everyone at Prestige Underwriting!