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Products & Partnerships

At Prestige we pride ourselves on being specialists at non-standard and cover a range of “out of the ordinary” risks


For the general consumer, insurance is a standard and straightforward process– car, van, home, travel, life etc.

At Prestige Underwriting, we appreciate that in life not everything fits into that standard box, which is why we’re proud to say that non-standard is our speciality. Non-standard as a term encompasses a broad spectrum of possible risks. We have great pleasure in partnering with our network of Brokers and partners to provide cover for all kinds of non-standard and niche policies.

Our appetite is diverse and our agility to provide cover to the most non-standard is how we have gained the reputation as being one of the leading non-standard MGAs in UK and Ireland and for our Broker network, their underwriting partner of choice.

From 19th century defensive forts, to mills and carriages, we have an open mind when it comes to coverage and risk diversity for property insurance:

· A converted Martello Tower

· A converted railway carriage, now a delightful Holiday Home

· An old railway platform with part of the property used as a small museum

· Several ‘Green Roof’ systems – who knew there are so many buildings with the vivid hues of a green roof – boosting the house’s green credentials by forming an insulation layer that helps to reduce heat loss.

· Converted Mill Houses, transformed to create original and beautiful family homes

· Outbuildings of the home converted to workstations, facilitating the craftsmanship of hand-made bespoke jewellery

With many unique designs and concepts in the motor market, we offer cover for a range of different policies:

· Gaming vans, adapted for the party world with in-built arcade machines

· Classics like the Citroen H, Aixam and Paggio Vans, transformed into quirky catering outlets

· Lorry’s equipped with air compressors and other pumping equipment to pump insulation into hi-rise buildings.

· Mobile surgery vehicles, kitted out to widen community outreach and facilitate drop in clinics

· Mobile hair and beauty salons, fitted to highest high street standards of décor and equipment

· Out of Home Advertising vehicles, bringing sales messages to the masses in a mobile and transient way

From supermodels to singers, celebrities and dancers, you would be surprised at how many people insure their own bodies! At Prestige Underwriting, we have the pleasure of insuring several top-level international sportsmen.

Long established and highly trusted across the UK and Ireland for delivering bespoke standard and non-standard products, our partnership approach and diverse product range is available where you and your customers are – no matter how quirky or “unusual!”

Get in touch with us today to discuss in more details the products we can cover for your clients.