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Coverall Ireland –spotlight on risk types  


Common Risks with Coverall Ireland

Coverall Ireland is a home insurance product designed to place those non-standard and more niche risks. The product is underwritten by AmTrust International Underwriters and can look to accommodate risks such as but not limited to, unoccupied properties, holiday homes, gap in cover, business use, distressed claims history, convictions and non-standard construction.  

Do you have a similar case requiring cover? Find out if Coverall Ireland is suitable 

Our Technical Underwriting teams have worked with our partners to accommodate cover for a wide range of risk types, including those below:   

Unoccupied properties 

Whether it be the period of time during which the sale process is underway or sadly a property left unoccupied due to a bereavement, there may be instances during which property becomes unoccupied beyond the usual 30 day mark most insurers allow.  Whilst some insurers are open to continuing cover, this is frequently on a much more restricted basis. 

Should a client ever find themselves in a situation whereby their property is not going to be occupied for some time and they are worried about having heavily restricted cover, Prestige Underwriting can help.  Our Coverall Ireland product can look to accommodate risks which are unoccupied and extended cover can also be considered. Our Level 2 option poses no restrictions and if offered on the submitted risk it will give full cover providing the client is able to meet with our inspection requirements.   

From short-term to long term unoccupancy, Coverall Ireland can accommodate a range of risks.  

Montessori Schools 

The Montessori method of education is based on a model of human development.  It was developed specifically to emphasise independence, regarding children as naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a sufficiently supportive and well-prepared learning environment.  It encourages self-directed activity, hands-on-learning and collaborative play.  

In Ireland, Montessori schools are more commonplace for children of preschool age (3-6yrs) and these preschools/creches are frequently found within private residences. 

Whilst it is important that the correct business liability insurance is in place in relation to the business itself, it is also important that your home insurer is aware and happy to continue cover on the basis of the business – i.e. the provision of Montessori teaching - operating from the home.  Our Coverall Ireland product is one which can happily look to accommodate these risks.  We not only provide the standard buildings and contents cover but can also still look to provide extended Accidental Damage too.  


Sticking with the theme of education and learning, another risk area to consider is the cover required when providing accommodation services in the Gaeltacht college regions.    

Given the global pandemic, the summer colleges did not operate during 2020 however it is worthwhile to note Coverall Ireland as a suitable product for this particular risk when the time comes for the services to operate againUp until 2020, approximately 27,000 students attended Irish colleges nationwide each summer with coláistí gaeilge worth an estimated €50 million to the local Gaeltacht economy.   

During Gaeltacht season, many people in the Gaeltacht regions of Donegal, Mayo, Galway and Kerry open their homes to welcome students and offer up accommodation within their family home while they attend schools in the local area. 

Although this is not a business, there is still a requirement for the homeowners to advise their insurance companies of their circumstances.  It could potentially be a factor that some standard insurers are simply not able to cover for.  Coverall Ireland however is the perfect product for a home which opens its doors to accommodate these students. As always here at Prestige Underwriting we look to help and try to avoid harsh and unnecessary restrictions of cover where possible. We look at each case on a risk-by-risk basis and base considerations on total number of students at any one time.  

Should you have a case you feel Coverall Ireland could accommodate please get in touch with our team who will work with you to ensure the best cover is available to your client. 


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