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Meet Tim Baxter, Head of Broker Development


Full Name:  Tim Baxter

Job Title:  Head of Broker Development

Where can you be found? 

I work from Home with some travel, conditions permitting!

What team do you hang out with (Department)? 

The Broker Development Team

When did you join the Prestige Underwriting Team? 

I joined Prestige Underwriting in September 2014, where has that time gone?!

What are you likely to be doing on a daily basis? 

Part of the joy that comes with working for a business of our size that is proud of its heritage and trading across multiple regions with an entrepreneurial spirit, is that no day is ever quite the same. My role, along with many others within our brilliant team, is incredibly varied and it is pleasing being able to work closely with all units within the underwriting business as well our broking partners throughout the industry. Heading up the Broker Development team and engagement activity throughout our 850 or so trading partners in GB is extremely rewarding, but naturally keeps myself and the team on our toes. A typical day will include an element of key account management meetings and reviews coupled with business development dialogue with potential new trading partners, ad hoc broker enquiries, communication / brand awareness activity with our marketing teams, broker sales / performance monitoring and open market engagement planning all with support from my team.

What do you find most challenging about your role and what do you enjoy most?

I love doing deals, that is the good stuff for me. I am lucky that we are open minded and nimble in that regard. On the flip side it can be difficult when you have to say no to an opportunity for the greater good, and that can be tough.

If you weren’t working in the dream sector of insurance, what would you love to be?

Anything Car related!

Do you have a role model in life / business? If so, who and why?

I don’t have one in particular. I have always admired individuals who are not only able to lead businesses to success but do so while being visible, passionate and are not afraid of hard work.

When you aren’t working what are you getting up to?

It’s all about my family. We have 2 children and 2 dogs, so outside of work life is just as busy with kids’ clubs, football and plenty of walking!

How would your colleagues describe you in 3 words.

Eat, Drink, Merry!

What’s the dream for the year ahead?

This year presents a huge opportunity for growth and development. My dream is that we maximise all current trading relationships, pushing the boundaries of engagement throughout our broker community. I also want to build brand presence and identify new partnership opportunities throughout the market and across our expanding product range.