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National Stress Awareness Day 2020

Today is National Stress Awareness Day and now, more so than ever, we need to be aware of and conscious of our stress levels and what can trigger the often overwhelming stressful feelings and emotions.

With many people now working remotely from home, the typical day at the office doesn’t really exist. We are mindful that each day can blend into the next, we may not necessarily log off at finishing time and striking that blissful work/ life, family/life can become even more challenging.
Today and indeed every day we encourage you to stop, take a breather, slow things down and try to introduce these simple stress relief tips into your daily routine…

1. Take frequent breaks

Working from home can mean time flies by and you haven’t stepped away from work in hours. Also, a lot more of our time is now spent online in front of screens for everything from meetings to emails etc. It is advised to regularly take breaks during work.

2. Exercise regularly

It will be nothing new to hear exercising is a great stress release. Whether this is going for a walk or to the gym (pending local restrictions of course). Make sure you try get some exercise into your routine.

3. Get outdoors for fresh air

Getting outside even for 20 minutes during your working day can be all you need to offload any tensions. With many working from home, the ideal time can be during your lunch break. This will make sure you take your break but also get to take in the fresh crisp autumn air.

4. Make realistic daily to do lists

You probably have a to do list the length of your arm, this can be very overwhelming. Get organised and create daily to do lists. Write down what you want to achieve that day and even spilt it into timeframes, for example what would you like to get ticked off before 11am, before lunch and before close of business.

Adapting this simple plan into your routine can help you achieve a lot more and those to do lists will become more manageable.

5. Reduce your social media / screen time

We are all guilty of this one. But spending too much time on social media and using screens is bad. Turn your attention to reading books or exercising. Its time to get away from those screens, TV included.

6. Get plenty of sleep

We all know when we lack sleep the smallest of tasks can be very challenging. Sleep is so important for the body and mind. Try get as much sleep as possible.

7. Stay connected with work colleagues, friends and family

As we are working from home our daily interactions are more limited than before. It is very important to maintain social interactions, stay connected with colleagues, friends and family. Not to mention a friendly face or voice always helps bring a smile to our faces.

8. Ask for help

Exactly as this popular quote says ‘you can do anything but not everything’. We must remember we are only human, do not be afraid to ask for help whether it be at work or in your home life. There is a healthy balance in everything, and it is important you adapt this.

At Prestige Underwriting, our brand promise is ‘Partnership is the Best Policy.’ This principle is paramount in our relationship with partners and clients and importantly with our fellow colleagues and team members. We encourage everyone to reach out and be mindful of each-other, to come together as a team to be there for one another – a friendly listening ear is invaluable during stressful and anxious times.

We hope you found these simple tips useful! Feel free to share with your colleagues, clients, and others.