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The result of recent UK storms and the impact storms can have on our homes!


In the past 12 months the UK has suffered a total of 21 storms, many which we will recall by some very common names, such as Storms Ciara and Dennis. Some storms have been more aggressive and dangerous than others causing lot of disruption to homes and properties.

From Storms Ciara and Dennis alone, the recorded losses have totalled around £360 million according to the ABI (Association of British Insurers) with over 82k claims received for flood, wind and storm damage. Storm damage alone equated to £77million of domestic property claims.

With the changing weather and Storm events becoming more frequent, it goes without saying that Flood too can also become a concern and more likely at this time of year with it being thought that around 5.2 million properties (1 in 6) are at risk of flooding.

Here at Prestige we are also pleased to say we are one of the very few nonstandard MGAs which have access to cede and bind risks using the Flood Re scheme. Flood Re is a joint initiative between the Government and Insurers with the aim being to make cover for flood on household policies more accessible and affordable for those higher risk properties. Both homeowners and tenants (when insuring contents only) can be considered for this scheme where the property meets the eligibility criteria.

If you have a flood risk property requiring cover this is something our Prestige Coverall product could offer. Read more about Coverall.

Unfortunately, as we know, we cannot escape such weather conditions, but we can prepare our homes and properties to ensure they are a little better equipped should a storm hit.
Here we have a simple checklist to help you and your customers ensure your home is prepared for stormy weather.


• Make sure you have emergency contact details of insurer, local authority and utility companies in a safe easy to access place
• Become familiar with Environments Agency/Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Natural Resources Wales and sign up for free flood alert/warnings services that they offer. Find out more here 
• Ensure you have battery operated items available should electricity outages occur
• Check window and door sealings to ensure no leaks can occur
• Store away any garden furniture or unfixed garden items in a safe and secured outbuilding/garage prior to storm hitting
• Ensure other outdoor items such as bins, trampolines, flowerpots etc. are removed from outdoor space to safe storage places
• If you live in an area prone to floods maybe have sandbags accessible as storms can bring heavy unexpected rain
• Move valuables upstairs/highest part of prop should flooding become imminent
• If you live surrounded by trees be aware of the potential of falling trees. It would be recommended to trim back trees / branches before the bad weather season approaches.

If you would like to discuss an individual Flood risk or our Flood Re proposition in more detail, then please get in touch with our specialised teams on the below.

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