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What does having a home gym or equipment mean for home insurance?


Having been faced with the ongoing global pandemic that is COVID19, we as humans have been forced to change our lifestyle dramatically. Where many would have visited the gym to work out and try to stay fit and healthy, this has all come to a sudden stop, as gyms closed and we remain at home to try reduce our chances of hopefully contracting the virus.

As such. It is no surprise that home workouts and the demand for home gym equipment has skyrocketed since March 2020. Many people are now training from home, purchasing equipment and even investing in Personal Trainers who have the facility to provide virtual training sessions or socially distanced sessions from their homes in a COVID safe zone (i.e., outdoors to comply with Government guidelines at present).

Emma Seaborne, Technical Underwriter in our GB team explains what home gyms / equipment means for homeowners’ house insurance.

So, how does this lead onto home insurance?

Whether your client is a newbie to exercise and has some basic dumbbells and bands or they’re an avid gym goer and have invested in state-of-the-art gym equipment, all of this is automatically included within our products under Contents for cover within the home. This will provide basic cover within the Home only should any item be lost or stolen or damaged under an insured peril.

Should you have Accidental Damage extension on your policy this too will apply to your equipment and any resulting damage (i.e., accidental droppage of dumbbells causing damage to flooring).

If your client has gone a step further and has decided or plans to, when the time it is safe to do so run their PT business from their home, whether it be garden sessions or a home studio (when guidelines allow), this is also something our products can consider accepting subject to referral via your Broker.

Here at Prestige Underwriting, we understand the need to be diverse and keep up with the changing lifestyles of our clients and are happy to make accommodations where possible.

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