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Why your customer may needs Renovations cover, and when!


Unoccupied Properties due to renovations

If your client is carrying out renovation works on their home, it is important they are aware they will need specific insurance to protect it. Many standard policies will not cover major renovation works, or indeed the restrictions that come into effect after 30 day of a property being unoccupied, and it is imperative this is determined and alternative cover secured before the work starts. As a Broker, you can help guide your client to find a suitable policy that will insure their home during renovation works.

Our unoccupied product, Prestige Prism Unoccupied, allows customers to have the piece of mind that their property is insured correctly not only because it is unoccupied but also for the renovation work being undertaken. Our unoccupied product offers the flexibility of covering the renovation works and unoccupied risk under one policy wording.

Some key benefits to our unoccupied product:

  • Short period cover options – If the insured is only looking to cover their property for the duration of the renovation works we can offer 90 day and 182 day policies.
  • We can offer cover for a variety of renovation projects;
    - Extensions
    - Loft conversions
    - New structures being erected
    - Basement works
    - Development projects
    - Large scale works
    - Commercial property conversions
  • We can also offer your customers a variety of peril cover options.

Prestige Prims Unoccupied is available on the Covernet system, or alternatively contact our Home specialist team by phone on 0800 0113 777 or by emailing