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Our Broker Motor Insurance Products

Prestige Motor

We are continually evolving and looking for new ways to deliver for our Broker network and are proud to offer two standard motor insurance products, Prestige Motor and Prestige Drive NI.

Our Prestige Motor product is underwritten by AXA Insurance dac and Brokers can easily access it on all major broking platforms, Open GI, SSP (Electra & Pure) and Applied. Our products include motor insurance for brokers with the following key features & benefits:

  • Use SD&P excluding and including Commuting, Class 1, Dual Class 1, Class 2 & Class 3
  • Vehicle value up to £60,000
  • Child Seat Cover following impact damage
  • £150 compulsory excess up to group 22
  • £250 compulsory excess from group 23-50
  • No claim bonus up to 9 years


For policies incepted on or after 01/01/2022: 

0345 828 2823 

For policies incepted prior to 01/01/2022:

08000 327327