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Gillian Cunningham

Sales Director Ireland
Gillian Cunningham - Prestige Underwriting


Gillian Cunningham

Job Title:

Sales Director (Ireland)

Service time with Prestige Underwriting:

19 years

Education / Career journey:

Insurance career spans 35 years. 17 years in Broking; Willis and 19 years in Prestige. I have always worked in Personal Lines.

How did you become part of the Prestige Underwriting team?

Prestige founder, George Storey asked me to join the team as senior underwriter. This was in the very early days of the growth of Prestige so I am lucky to have been part of the company and been involved in its success story.

What does a typical day hold for you?

I try to be out visiting brokers in ROI or NI at least 2 days a week. A typical broker visit day would involve me travelling, sometimes 200 miles per day. I would usually schedule 2 broker visits per day and spend 1/1.5 hr per visit. We discuss their account performance, product queries and any new products. Any issues that they have with our service would be discussed at this meeting

What do you enjoy most about the job?

The variety and the challenge of watching new products launch and grow. I get to meet new people and have been able to forge some great friendships over the years.

What do you attribute to your career success to date?

Hard work and being able to be flexible throughout my career. I always saw a change of role as a challenge and in having the opportunity to do so I have discovered new skills that I wasn’t aware I had.

Who is your role model in business?

I don’t have anyone in particular but I have always tried to emulate anyone whom I considered to be hardworking and fair.

What is your greatest passion outside of work and family?

Travel, I have always enjoyed travel, whether it is within Ireland/UK or further afield there is nothing I enjoy more than planning a trip and heading off.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Reliable, approachable and sociable