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Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Our Guiding Principles

The Prestige Insurance Holdings Group is committed to the promotion and advancement of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (E, D & I) through all its policies and procedures with a view to creating a workplace culture where difference is embraced, and everyone is equally valued and respected. This statement outlines the Group’s commitments and actions it will undertake to promote E, D & I across all businesses throughout the Group.

The Prestige Insurance Holdings Group is committed to:

  1. Creating an environment where individual differences are valued, embraced, and respected in line with our values and behaviours and the Group is representative of all members of society.
  2. Promoting equality of opportunity, career development and fair participation for all employees in line with the relevant equality legislation for all regions in which we operate.
  3. Opposing and taking appropriate action against all forms of bullying, harassment, discrimination, or victimisation through the application of existing Group policies and procedures.
  4. Working proactively to ensure that every employee is treated with dignity and respect. We will prohibit the display of flags, emblems, posters, graffiti, or the circulation of any material or deliberate articulation of slogans or songs which are likely to give offence or cause apprehension to a particular group of employees.
  5. Introducing, maintaining and, as appropriate, revising Group policies and procedures to ensure that E, D & I for all employees permeates or is central in all our processes.

To fulfil the above commitments, the Group will:

  1. Make this statement available to each member of staff, job applicants and other relevant parties (such as contract workers, agencies, suppliers, external partner organisations) and ensure it is visible in our offices and branches
  2. Implement, relevant training and educational initiatives designed to promote Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in the workplace (e.g., training on topics such as ‘unconscious biases’ and ‘embracing difference’.)
  3. Ensure that E, D & I practices and initiatives are promoted and progressed through formal channels such as the Prestige Group People and Culture Committee and People and Culture Calendar of Events and Initiatives and are communicated via our People and Culture Communications /intranet site.
  4. In conjunction with the People and Culture Committee, establish and maintain an effective E, D & I Network, with representation and active participation from across the Prestige Group.
  5. Complete regular reviews and monitor effectiveness of key policies that are vital to achieving our objectives regarding E, D & I, including Equal Opportunities Policy, Disciplinary and Grievance Policies, Bullying and Harassment Policy, Resourcing Policy
  6. When the opportunity arises we will seek to engage and work with external organisations who share our values and principles regarding E, D & I.