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A Guide to Preparing and Protecting Unoccupied Properties


A Guide to Prepare and Protecting Unoccupied Properties

Generally, if a property is unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days, the policyholder really will need to consider Unoccupied Insurance. In addition to assisting the client in getting the appropriate level of insurance cover in place, we would encourage our network of Brokers to advise their clients to protect the property as much as is possible.

We are happy to share some steps the policyholder should consider or carry out for vacant or soon to be vacant properties. To our valued Broker partners, check out the overview below and feel free to share with your clients when you are next discussing the importance of protecting an Unoccupied property.

• Talk: It is crucial you keep your Broker/ insurer informed about the status of your property and if it is and/ or soon to be Unoccupied
• Lock it up: Ensure all locks in the property are working properly and make sure all sheds, garages etc are securely locked and nothing is sitting about outside
• Check and Test it: Ensure the security alarm is fitted and operational and that the smoke alarm is working and all the detectors are fitted with new batteries
• Lag it: Protect against possible escape of water and burst pipes by ensuring pipes are lagged efficiently or alternatively consider draining the system and turning the water off at the stopcock to prevent any undetected leaks
• Hide it: Precious things: make sure your valuables and special items are out of sight and safely put away or alternatively moved to your new home
• Call a friend: If you are unable to do so yourself, ask a friend to check on the property weekly and keep an eye out for any disturbances or issues
• Fake it: Install some timer-activated lights to give the property that lived in look
• Update: should the occupancy of the property change at any time and the property no longer be unoccupied please talk to your broker to allow your insurer to look at reinstating wider cover

For further information or to speak with a Home specialist please contact our teams on the following:

ROI Team by phone on 048 9035 5521 or emailing
GB Team by phone on 0800 0113 777 by emailing

Also see some FAQs when it comes to Unoccupied homes!