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Energy Saving Tips during Lockdown


As we continue to adhere to government guidelines by staying at home, we are certain to use up more energy in the home. This could be for any number of reasons be it working from home, running several devices needed for home schooling or simply keeping the family entertained as another Netflix series is binge watched and another meal is prepared.

We can be sure that we will see an element of increase in our utility bills, therefore it’s important to be mindful of reducing the probability of wasting energy and therefore to become more efficient during this stay at home period.

Our home insurance specialists have shared some simple energy saving tips which are easy to implement and will hopefully serve to make those utility bills more manageable.

· Use timers, whether this is on your heating or water systems and make sure to set these at key times when you and your family are most likely to need them.

· Switch off radiators in certain rooms if they are not being used.

· It is recommended to open your windows each morning to reduce condensation and prevent dampens, as well as allow fresh air to circulate. Did you know fresh air heats quicker, than moist or damp air! However, always remember to close windows and doors and block out any draughts.

· Try to take a shower instead of a bath and cut down on the time you spend in the shower – you can sing in the kitchen or living room!

· Turn off devices when you are not using them, this includes turning them off standby mode.

· During daytime, open blinds and curtains to allow natural light to flow through and avoid turning on lights until needed.

· Switch bulbs to energy saving bulbs.

· Try to use your washing line or a clothes horse opposed to the tumble dryer.

· When boiling the kettle, only fill it with the amount you require and try and avoid constantly flicking the boil back on for a second or third time during the same period.

· When washing up, do not keep the tap running. The Energy Saving Trust has reported filling a bowl or sink to wash up can save up to £25 on an annual bill 

· Do not leave fridge and freezers open, this may stand to sense but for every 10-20 secs a fridge door is left over it takes 45 mins for the fridge to cool down to its original temperature, as reported by SEAI

For more energy saving tips and advice visit either SEAI or The Energy Saving Trust.

Alternatively, if you know somebody who has unoccupied properties during this time, here are some important FAQs.