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Specialists in short term insurance cover

Property Host, Landlord tenant Host and Parking Insurance

We are delighted to partner with Pikl, a specialist provider of short-term let insurance in the UK, to bring you this new range of products. This in-demand range of top-up products and solutions will help brokers protect their clients who are involved in short-term letting and hosting activities.

In partnership with Pikl, we now have three such products – Property Host, Landlord Tenant Host, and Parking – that your clients can benefit from and are aimed at different parts of the property sharing market.

Property Host

Most standard household policies will not cover anything connected to hosting activity, so that leaves homeowners with nowhere to turn. This top -up insurance cover is ideal for homeowners who wish to rent out:

  • The entire property
  • A room in the house
  • An annex
  • Take part in a holiday/home swap

Key benefits:

  • Buildings and contents cover, including accidental damage, malicious damage, and theft
  • Cover for keys and replacement locks
  • Eviction of overstaying guests
  • Public Liability for injury
  • Legal defence

Landlord Tenant Host

Most household and landlord policies do not cover any short-term letting, and that’s where Pikl’s insurance top-ups can help. Our Landlord Tenant Host is tailored for tenants who wish to share:

  • The entire property
  • A room in the property
  • Take part in a holiday home/swap

Key benefits:

  • Tenants Liability for buildings
  • Content’s cover, including accidental damage, malicious damage, and theft
  • Eviction of overstaying guests
  • Public liability for injury
  • Legal defence


As it’s part of hosting activity, most household policies do not cover any parking rental, but what happens if the guest causes damage to the property, their vehicle has broken down or they have an accident? Our Parking insurance top-up that provides cover for the owner while their parking space is being rented out.

Key Benefits:

  • Cover for damage to the core building and parking structure
  • Public Liability for injury
  • Vehicle recovery or towing for guest vehicles
  • Legal defence


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