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5 winter dangers motorist should be mindful of


Driving at any time of the year requires drivers to exercise caution and at this time of year it is important to be extra mindful of other winter driving dangers which are in addition to the more obvious snow and icy conditions. We would like to remind all motorists of the importance of continuing to be vigilant, especially when there may not be visible warning signs of disruption, and to take extra car when driving in the winter season.

Here are 5 Winter hazards that can be easily overlooked…

Winter sun

We have all experienced the strong winter sun when driving and you will agree it can be extremely difficult to see a good distance in front of you and overall visibility is restricted, for all road users. Therefore, when the winter sun is shining and high in the sky drivers are encouraged to reduce speed and take precaution. It’s also important to ensure you have washing fluid to enable to keep your windows clear at all times, as the sun will show up any dirt or grime, restricting your visibility further.

Top tip: keep those sunglasses near as you may need them some days and use a washer solution with anti-freeze properties, so water is available even on those really cold mornings.

Surface water

Unfortunately, the rain is never too far away. After heavy rainfall surface water can lie in areas for some time, therefore it is important to be aware of this and reduce speed during such conditions.

Top tip: should you drive though a flood make sure to test your brakes once you come through the water.

Black Ice

With blankets of snow covering the country over the weekend we may think once the snow finally disappears the hazards are reduced however with continuous freezing temperatures, it is likely there will be black ice across parts and drivers should be extremely careful when travelling over the coming days.

Top tip: always be aware of secondary and country roads which are unlikely to be treated by gritters.

Driving in the dark

Dark mornings and nights can very be very daunting for drivers therefore as a driver make sure to respect oncoming traffic by dipping headlights well in advance. It is important to know if you are working at a computer or laptop on a regular basis once you move environments, for example out of the office or home to your car, it takes your eyes a certain time to adjust to the change in lighting. Therefore, you can sometimes struggle with visibility until your eyes have fully adjusted.

Top tip: Make sure to attend your regular eye tests particularly for driving at night.

Battery checks

It is important to check your car battery from time to time, particularly during lockdown when you are travelling less. If you happen to have a car at home that isn’t moving much, we recommend you regularly start your car and run it for a little while to keep the battery ticking over.

Top tip: if you have more than one car at home it might be an idea to switch cars each time, when you are making those essential journeys.

For more advice for driving in winter check out our quick winter guide